Your ready to build your “Custom Dream Home”

Where We Build

Bruce Upchurch Homes LLC can build your custom home on almost any owned property.   It is often thought that a custom home builder builds on acreage or land away from neighborhoods.  However, that is only one side of our custom home building.  We also build custom homes on lots within a neighborhood after a home has been burned down.  We built a home so a daughter could be close to her mother.  Wherever you want to build a custom home, Bruce Upchurch Custom Homes LLC will work with you to build your dream home.

Build a Relationship Before You Build A House

A good builder will provide free consultation; taking time on the front end to get to know you and work with you to develop a plan that both meets your needs and your dreams.  He will be open to your ideas, willing to price several different plans, even mixing and matching different aspects of plans so you can get a realistic idea of the cost before you start spending your hard-earned money.

Make Sure the Price Isn’t Through the Roof Before You Even Have a Roof

Some builders will not like this bit of advice: ask for a fixed price. Don’t settle for a fee based on a percentage of costs.  The price of concrete and lumber can skyrocket turning your dream house into a nightmare. Therefore, avoid signing an open-ended contract with the HOPE you stay in budget. Ask for a FIXED PRICE. With a fixed price, these are problems the builder must live with, not you.

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