Add A Safe Room to Your New Custom Home

Consider A Safe Room When Building Your Custom Home.

Have you considered a Safe Room when building your custom home? Safe Rooms are usually the size of a large closet or pantry that is finished out with the same home décor, but the inside is built to withstand high winds and flying debris.  Bruce Upchurch uses the best quality materials when building a custom home. This is even truer when adding a safe room to their customs homes. They build them to withstand high winds and flying debris; reinforcing the walls with rebar and concrete.  If you have questions Contact Us or call 901-331=3242 | Email:


Safe Room inside view

Safe Room Outside view

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A Bit of advice

A lot of builders won’t like this bit of advice: ask for a fixed price. Don’t settle for a fee based on a percentage of costs. You can bet costs will go up.The price of concrete can skyrocket or the price of lumber will turn your dream house into a nightmare. Avoid signing an open-ended contract with the HOPE you stay in budget. Ask for a FIXED PRICE.With a fixed price, these are problems the builder must live with, not you.