Before You Build

No matter which angle you look at it from, building a home is a large investment and you want to do it right. You need an advisor you can trust. You need a guarantee that costs won’t be through the roof before you even have a roof! You need to know the right materials are used so you can save on energy and maintenance costs later. Bruce can help you accomplish all of these and more. Here is a breakdown of his process:

Plan an agenda, chart a course

First, you talk to Bruce and tell him where you are in the process of deciding whether to build. If you need help evaluating different lots or comparing several plans you like, Bruce is happy to help with that, free of charge. Bruce recommends that you allow him to give a preliminary estimate from a brochure or an Internet sample before you buy your plans to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Once you’re sure that the plan is in the ballpark of what you can afford, Bruce will spend more time with you learning exactly what you want in your dream home. He then prepares an estimate of what it will cost to build exactly as you describe. This is when the costs of building can seem like a rain on your parade: everybody is surprised at how much “all the things” cost.

This is where Bruce’s famous “Budget Buffet” comes in: instead of leaving you with a lump estimate, Bruce will spend time interviewing you to find out what your priorities are. Drawing on his decades of experience building different plans and knowledge of construction costs, he will recommend changes to help you get the price right. He spends time educating you about your options and can show you what each feature costs. This is how you build a truly custom house. Most builders won’t provide you with that many specifics, even if they think of themselves as custom builders. Bruce not only does this, but he also builds with a fixed price contract. This means you don’t have to worry about fluctuating costs dramatically affecting the cost of your home. This is customer-focused custom building.